Special Services GIBC Offers

GIBC is able to assist with so much more than our regular church ministries. For more information on the following listing and other services we provide, contact us at

Email: allbecauseofgrace@gmail.com or allbecauseofgrace@hotmail.com

Phone/WhatsApp: +1 721 586 2738 or +1 721 554 9590

Adult Bible Studies

We meet virtually as smaller groups for Men's Bible Study and Women's Bible Study on Friday evenings. The focus of these Bible studies is to dig deeper into God's word and discover what He has to say about different issues faced in particular by each gender group.

Young Men's Bible Study

We meet virtually as a group of young Christian men (ages 18-30) for one hour every Tuesday evening. The group focuses on discipleship, training and encouragement in the Christian walk.

Couples Counselling 

We offer professional, qualified counselling for couples. This includes pre-marital counselling, and marriage counselling. Counselors are impartial, and well-rounded, willing and able to cater to your individual needs and issues.

Church Leader Workshops 

We provide professional workshops for church leaders, in particular, Sunday School Teachers, Youth Leaders, and Children's Ministry Workers. Led by qualified facilitators with years of experience, these workshops are available for groups of any size.

Marriage &Family Seminars 

We organize and provide professional seminars led by qualified facilitators, for large or small groups.

Weddings & Vow Renewals

We provide an officiating minister for your wedding or vow renewal religious ceremony.